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Soil Stabilization

Weak Soils are very common in South Dakota and surrounding states. Some of this ground hasn't been disturbed for years. Once development begins on some of these loose soils, structural failure is almost certainly inevitable. Upon building a structure, these soils begin to slowly compact against the weight the structure on top of it and sometimes they need help in supporting the newly introduced loads to eliminate settlement.

The technology of building has evolved dramatically over the last decade. Now, typically, soilis are tested prior to construction to determine the density and composition in relation to the support characteristics needed for the proposed structure to be built. Prior to this time frame, testing was not accomplished and we can begin to see the stresses (cracks) in some structures from older construction.

In Either Case, New or Old, There Is a Solution To Stiffen And Compact These Soils

To fix this issue, Polyurethane is injected directly into soft soils to provide a glue-like bond of weak or shifting soils. It can be injected to depths of up to 20 feet deep to provide a very secure base after construction or it can be applied to prior to construction and has the capability of turning ordinary soil to much stronger and reliable ground.  This product is totally harmless to the environment around it.

Deep Foam Injection Fills Every Little Void Compacting The Soil Greatly


Before Soil Stabilization

Deep Foam Soil Stabilization Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting

After Soil Stabilization

Deep Foam Injection Soil Stabilization Polyurethane Foam

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